Lovely Words from our Customers

Aaron Mullis, Head Chef The Hand & Flowers

“The guys and girls at The Thoughtful Producer really know their poultry, these chickens stay super moist with bags of flavour, the little extra care and attention these birds are shown really shines through, they remind me of how chicken used to and should taste”

Anna Spray

“Finally chicken, that actually tastes like it should. Real, deep flavours that delight the mouth. What a delight.”

Giovanna Eusebi

“Simply the best chickens I have eaten since I was a little girl in Italy. There is nothing else like it available.”

Rupert Pick

“You can really taste that the Copas family care about what they produce. It was worth every penny. “

Graham Hall of Hall’s of Hazlemere

“These really are the Bentley of Chickens, especially as they have been given the Copas treatment!”

Amy Elderfield

“It has taken very little effort from me to produce a very memorable Sunday lunch. I had no idea chicken could or should taste like this!”

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