Nice Words People Have Written About Us


Nice Words People Have Written About Us

Great British Food

Well Hung – One of the best chickens we’ve ever eaten – traditionally hung for bags of extra flavour.

The Telegraph

“Rare birds – Chicken, but not as you know it!”

Peach Trees & Bumblebees

“To cut a long and superlative-laden story short, this was basically the best chicken I’ve ever had. It was so juicy and tender, the skin had a lovely layer of fat that crisped up beautifully, and my whole flat was filled with the most amazing aroma.”

Great British Food

“This isn’t just any chicken – this beautiful bird is dry plucked and game-hung for supremely flavourful meat that’s miles above ordinary roast chicken”

Lara Cory, Foodepedia

“Upon tasting with the family we all agreed that the breast was extremely juicy and subtle in flavour, the brown meat tipping the other end of the scale with a deep and complex flavour – like nothing else I’ve ever tasted with the exception of goose.”

Rebecca Williams, Blogger (BBC & Huffington Post)

“These birds really are the cream of the coop on every level.”

Gizzi Erskine

“Now this is how chicken should taste. Masses of flavour, enough meat for all your friends, the most crispiest skin and gravy to die for. Bring on Sunday Lunch!”

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